I have been in the healthcare industry my entire career, which spans over 20 years. I was very fortunate to participate in Vivolor’s Memory Max Challenge, put on by Susan Gibson and her team. One thing I can unequivocally say – the information and insights were extremely practical. Anybody who participates in any of Vivolor’s coursework can achieve the results that they are looking to achieve. The information and insights were extremely innovative. Innovation can be packaging together currently available knowledge or insights in a different way. [Vivolor] repackaged currently available medical literature, other medical studies that have all been validated, and presenting it in a way that has meaning for a patient or family member who is suffering from dementia. A big part of the presentation was about how to prevent dementia from taking hold down the line. All of the insights and guidance are extremely practical and very doable. When you combine all those elements together, I would HIGHLY recommend taking the coursework and any services Vivolor offers. It’s for anybody who does have concerns about the potential to develop dementia down the line. Memory loss is preventable and reversible.


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