My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 10-15 years ago. He showed only modest effect/progression of it for many years, but was disappearing into it over the last 2-3 years until passing recently at 94. His long resilience was undoubtedly due to being a modern Renaissance man – well educated, engineering mind, active cellist, oil painter, golfer, tennis player, very socially/community engaged, etc. Moving through my early 60’s, I had certainly noticed more struggles to find the right word from my normally prodigious vocabulary, or other little quirks that made me reflect on potential familial vulnerabilities re my Dad. So, hearing about Vivolor’s Brain Booster certainly hit me at a receptive stage, and got me thinking about it and signing up for the Memory Max Challenge. A tennis friend commented to me that he was using Vivolor Memory Support and felt they were helping him, and that pushed me over the edge to order and try them.

I started Vivolor Memory Support at the recommended half dose level for the first week. I did not expect to notice anything very quickly, so was just patiently getting started. I was pleasantly surprised to realize after the first 2-3 days that I was experiencing what struck me as notably improved vision and clarity in my many daily hours working at the computer. I had been rubbing my eyes and grousing over the past couple of years about how it just seemed harder to read easily and clearly, but in the 1.5 weeks on Vivolor Memory Support I had seen a marked turnaround in my ease, clarity and focus when working at the computer.

I would have been very satisfied with that, but the real pleaser was still coming. A couple of nights later, I pulled a piece of fruit out of the fridge for a snack. As I bit into it, I remarked to myself that this was hands down the best apricot that I had tasted in years! I have been using daily nasal spray steroids and antihistamines for allergy control for 20 years, and had attributed significantly reduced taste and smell to those nose sprays and general aging. But over the next day or two, I started noticing other improved taste and smell function on other items (coffee is more than caffeine, etc.)! The realization caught up to me, that it wasn’t the apricot … it was me!

I’ve been a foodie and wine/drink connoisseur for decades, and had sadly come to recognize in recent years that my motivation was now driven more from memory and imagination than from sensory abilities. The revelation that Vivolor Memory Support could reposition my sensory abilities has honestly brought me to tears in describing this to my friends and family. Each of them was so moved by my experience that they are planning to try it or to share this with other family members in need. If this moves other readers similarly, I hope that you will enjoy your own discovered spectrum of changes.

Finally, a big shout out to Susan (and her Mom for the inspiration) for her initiative, innovation and focus on fundamental product quality. I’ve spent a lifetime in life sciences businesses, and I think that she is providing a shining beacon of responsibility and quality in a nutraceuticals marketplace that is often characterized as the Wild West!


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