Susan’s Story

Susan's Story

I know. I watched my beloved mother slip away. Mom was my best friend. I told her everything.
I was closer to her than any person in the world. One day, I took mom for a walk outside my parents place and mom looks at me and says
She doesn’t believe I’m her daughter! She asks “Is everybody gonna show up and say they’re my kid too?”. To keep the peace, she said “well, tell me about yourself”.
She didn’t remember anything about me!
I was devastated.

Mom was the one I called and talked to whenever anything important happened in my life. Now all of that was gone. And every time I saw mom after that, the same conversation repeated word for word. So very upsetting! So, I searched for ways to help. I prayed that God would show me the solution to memory loss.

We certainly need one.

I quit my job and focused full-time on prayer, seeking God for a solution not just to mom’s situation but
to help everyone. As a pharmacist and Harvard MBA, I had 30 years of experience developing new
healthcare products. I attended the scientific meetings and read the published literature, as I had done
my entire career when developing new products. But this time I was combining the science with prayer
and faith.

Over time, led by a number of divine encounters, I founded Vivolor and created Vivolor Memory Support.

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