susan’s story

Combining science & faith for a solution to memory loss


On Zoom Tuesday October 13 noon PT

and Thursday October 15 noon PT


Tuesday October 13 noon PT

Learn about Susan’s personal story of her Mother with dementia and the tremendous need for memory loss solutions 

Thursday October 15 noon PT

With God’s help, many fortuitous answered prayers, divine appointments and scientific research, Susan created Glory Day® Brain Booster

Memory Loss is Preventable!!

Did you know that there are many things you can do to prevent memory loss?  According to experts, up to 95% of memory loss is preventable.  Learn about the programs that teach you what to do.

Want to have your faith encouraged?

Maybe you have an impossible situation and want God’s help.  Susan’s Mother had dementia and didn’t recognize Susan anymore.  It was devastating.  So Susan prayed that God would show her the solution to memory loss and dementia.  We need a solution!  Learn what God did in response to Susan’s prayers for an almost impossible situation.  Memory loss is preventable and Susan’s story tells you how these solutions were discovered. 

Your Memory is in Your Control

Learn about the process that led Susan to scientifically proven solutions for memory loss

Memory Slipping?  Help is Here


Memory Max Challenge

Memory Max Challenge describes 234 specific recommendations for improving memory and preventing memory loss.  You also learn the clinical studies that describe the amount of improvement achieved with each recommendation.  Learn how Susan discovered the extent of scientific research already available on natural ways of improving memory.

Glory Day Brain Booster

Through divine appointments, answered prayer, advisors, medical meetings, and scientific research, Susan invented Glory Day Brain Booster, a mega-supplement for memory.  It contains 9 ingredients that have published data on their memory benefits and offers over 5000 mg per day of these potent nutrients.  The testimonials have been heartwarming.  There are even 2 book independently written about Glory Day Brain Booster because the author says he feels 15 years younger and is amazed at the diverse improvements in his memory and overall health.

About Susan

Memory Expert

Susan is a registered Pharmacist and Harvard MBA with 30 years experience developing new breakthrough technologies for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.  In 2018, she founded Vivolor® Therapeutics because of her passion to help others improve their memory.  In 2019, Susan invented and launched Glory Day® Brain Booster.  Susan was named Top 100 Healthcare Leader by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare.  She also launched Memory Max Challenge to motivate and educate on the methods of naturally improving health through lifestyle change.  Susan is a certified coach and is pursuing a Functional Nutrition certification.  Vivolor was awarded Most Innovative Healthcare Regimen 2020 by Global Health & Pharma for our groundbreaking work in memory improvement.  

There are 2 books independently written about Glory Day Brain Booster