Susan P. Gibson

Susan Gibson is on a mission to help others improve their memory and prevent dementia. Trained as a pharmacist and Harvard MBA, she had 30 years of leadership experience at medical device and pharmaceutical companies before embarking upon her mission. Susan’s beloved Mother had Alzheimer’s disease. Watching her decline was the impetus for Susan’s passion. In 2018, Susan Founded Vivolor Therapeutics Inc and in 2019 she launched Glory Day Brain Booster, a mega-supplement that has many amazing success stories of improved memory. Susan lectures on natural methods of improving memory and reducing the risk of dementia.

Susan has been featured on television, multiple radio station airings and as an invited guest on podcasts.  She received the Top 100 Healthcare Leader award from the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare for your work in memory health.

Talk Titles:

  • Is Memory Loss Wreaking Havoc in Your Life?  Let’s change that
  • Risks for Dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Evidence-Based Guidance for Naturally Improving Memory
  • Cognitive Aging: What to Expect as You Get Older

Examples of Susan in the media:

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