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Susan P. Gibson RPh MBA CC CFNC

Susan Gibson

Memories are a Part of Living

Susan Gibson is on a mission to bring awareness to the misconception that memory loss is a natural part of aging and unavoidable.  As a trained  pharmacist and Harvard MBA with 30 years of leadership experience developing new products at medical device and pharmaceutical companies, she has a passion for bringing healing, education and quality living to others.  In 2018 her beloved Mother’s decline into Alzheimer’s disease unearthed her purpose in life – to help others and their loved ones hold on to their memories.

Susan lectures on natural methods of memory enhancement and dementia prevention .  She is on a mission to help millions of people improve their cognitive function and encourages starting early (although these resources help at any stage of memory loss).  In 2018 she founded Vivolor®  Therapeutics Inc. and created the following memory wellness resources:

2019: Vivolor® Memory Support launched (previously named Glory Day® Brain Booster) – a mega-supplement that has many amazing success stories of improved cognition and quality of life

2020: Memory Max Challenge was initiated, teaching over 200 specific actions that enhance memory and prevent dementia through natural, lifestyle changes.    Memory Max Challenge covers all the basics of natural methods that are scientifically proven to help memory and reviews the clinical trials for each recommendation showing the extent of improvements on memory tests and reductions in rates of dementia seen with each action. https://bit.ly/3hUlefB

2020: Vivolor® Memory Wellness Academy launched, which takes memory education even deeper and provides multiple monthly ‘live’ online memory education events, a Facebook community, and a library of materials and resources.   https://bit.ly/2QNQkcP

Susan has been featured on television, multiple radio station airings and as an invited guest on many podcasts and webianrs.  She is a certified coach and Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor.


  • Top 100 Healthcare Leader award was granted to Susan by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare in 2019
  • Most Innovative Health Improvement Regimen 2020 from Global Health and Pharma in September 2020
  • Most Innovative Memory Wellness Company 2021 from Business Excellence Awards
  • Most Transformational Health Regimen: Glory Day® (Vivolor® Memory Support) from Business Excellence Awards
  • Most Innovative Memory & Healthy Aging Supplement 2021: Glory Day® (Vivolor® Memory Support) from AI Publishing

Talk Titles:​

  • Is Memory Loss Wreaking Havoc in Your Life?  Let’s change that
  • Risks for Dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Evidence-Based Guidance for Naturally Improving Memory
  • Cognitive Aging: What to Expect as You Get Older

Examples of Susan in the media:

For more information, please contact Susan at:  sgibson@vivolor.com


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