These videos for approved affiliates train on Vivolor Memory Support:

Affiliate Dashboard & Logistics


What not to do (Regulatory Compliance)


Connect 1st.  Educate &discuss product 2nd.  Make an ask

1. Connect (chat about things you have in common and get to know them 1st)

Hi.  I’m _________ , an affiliate for Vivolor Therapeutics Inc

My life has been heavily impacted by memory loss as my _(what relative)   suffered with _(briefly describe that challenges your friends/family experienced form memory loss using words your audience might relate to).  [If you don’t know anyone who had memory loss, you can use Susan’s story]

Most folks have experienced memory loss somewhere among their friends and family.  Has it impacted you?  [listen.  Probe about how it impacted the persons life and how that impacted the person you are talking to]

We sure don’t want to go through what they [the family/friends they mentioned with memory loss] did.  It is REALLY worth avoiding that as we get older.  [Get buy in and get them to visualize how important it is to AVOID memory loss.  This is the motivation to take action]


Do you know anyone who has memory loss or dementia?  What would it mean to them to have their full memory? [get them to taste the outcome].  It’s so embarrassing when you can’t come up with words or remember names or find your keys or think fast enough to get involved in the discussion. 

2. Educate

Seems like most folks don’t know that memory loss is preventable.  Most people think getting older means you’ll lose your memory.  But some folks are over 100 years old and don’t have any memory loss.  Memory loss is common with aging, but there are many things you can do to prevent memory loss. 

[If they are science/data folks] NIH publications document that up to 50% of dementia is preventable.  And experts who use the right supplements and lifestyle say over 95% of memory loss is preventable? 

3. Product

One of the most important things to do is to take a powerful memory supplement. 

Vivolor’s founder is a pharmacist and MBA who developed new healthcare products for 30 years at other companies.  Her Moms struggle with Alzheimer’s disease was devastating and gave Susan a passion to help people improve their memory so others don’t experience what she and her family did.  Vivolor is a mission and ministry to help people get and stay well.  I’m helping with that mission!

Vivolor has a mega-supplement, Vivolor Memory Support, that has helped a lot of people.  Select some of the following to discuss that seem more relevant for the individual:

  • All natural, plant-based, made of things God created
  • Call it mega-supplement because it has so many ingredients. 2 big bottles of ingredients. Has 5-20 times more nutrients than any other memory supplement.  Lots of ingredients
  • The right ingredients – all have scientific data they improve memory, cognition, focus, attention and processing speed
  • Full doses of the ingredients – you can stop taking any Vivolor ingredients from other sources when taking Vivolor because it has full doses of all ingredients
  • Safe –all ingredients were selected because of wide safety margin
  • Addresses the root causes of memory loss. Ingredients are the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants.  Inflammation and oxidation in the brain are the terrain in which memory loss develops.  All ingredients help address blood sugar and blood lipid profiles
  • Contain the nutrients found in vegetables, fruit, nuts and healthy fish
  • Testimonials: share yours or those you’ve memorized from the website
  • Has helped people with normal memory, mild memory loss or severe memory loss
  • 3 books written about it because author had amazing benefits
  • Won 8 awards
  • Premium quality
    • patented ingredient to improve absorption
    • Tested to ensure no heavy metals or contaminants
    • Manufactured in US in FDA approved, GMP certified facilities

Many customers observe improve overall health, quality of life and wellbeing as well as improving memory.  Data that shows it improves lipid profiles, heart, aging, energy and mood as well

4. Ask for Action

Ask them to try the product.  Offer a discount code.  It’s great to create some kind of urgency by suggesting a timeframe or unsure of when the discount code will end. Leave silence to allow them to respond.

Special: We are currently running a special and if you order today, you get 20% off with code 20.  I’m not sure how long this special will last. 

This is the most powerful memory and anti-aging supplement on the market!

5. Connect

Close with friendly discussion and testimonials of what is possible