Susan – Functional Nutrition coach ReCODE 5 hour package

Susan – Functional Nutrition coach ReCODE 5 hour package


Susan Gibson is a Certified Functional Nutritionist and ReCODE 2.0 Certified practitioner who has won many awards for helping people regain their lives and confidence through improved memory and brain health. She serves as your advocate to help you navigate the Bredesen Protocol, analyze your ReCODE Report, prioritize areas to address and work with your physician or specialists in the areas identified. Nutrition is an important aspect of cognitive health restoration and maintenance. Her goal is to help you get in touch with the reasons you want to maintain a functional brain that motivates you to invest in healthy behaviors. She offers tools to help you establish the basic habits needed to achieve those goals. You and your future are worth it!

Susan’s specialty is preventing and addressing early-stage cognitive decline, nutrition and supplements. She has a passion for helping people and spent 35 years using her pharmacy degree (licensed in Indiana only) and Harvard MBA in leadership roles in healthcare manufacturers.

She is available via telemedicine only, does not accept insurance and is available to clients from any state or country.

Susan can assist with goal setting, food diaries, diet tips, emotional support, and techniques for sleep, stress, and exercise. Together, you will set and keep a manageable number of goals that you agree to so that it won’t be overwhelming.

Susan’s passion for helping individuals keep and improve their cognition was fueled after watching her mother’s devastating decline into dementia as well as her own personal difficulties with peri-menopause while in an extremely stressful corporate job. She doesn’t want others to go through what she or her mother did—and you don’t have to.

If you are over 50, you have probably accumulated toxins, damage, inflammation and deficiencies that impact every aspect of your health. Did you know that sluggishness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, poor immunity, allergies and cognitive issues can all result from deficiencies and accumulated damage? The physical changes in your brain (pathology) start decades before you notice any of these symptoms. So, you can’t start too early taking care of your cognitive health. Working together with Susan, you can have clarity of mind and lead the full life of your dreams!

Susan is available at a rate of $149 per hour.

She also offers a package of 5 sessions (5 hours + email & phone) for $596 (20% off).

Her package of 5 sessions includes (each session ~ 1 month apart) + up to 5 brief emails and 2 calls:

  • 2 hours to explain your ReCODE or PreCODE Report, prioritize actions and set initial personal goals and start food diary
  • 1 hour to assess progress, explain additional aspects of the report, review food diary and set new goals
  • 45 minutes to offer checklists of options for key areas and decide which you want to commit to
  • 45 minutes for motivational coaching and see what is working
  • 30 minutes to track progress, plan for future and discuss follow-up labs to document improvements

For continued support, participants may repurchase the package option or continue on at Susan’s hourly rate.

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