Memory Wellness Academy

Memory Wellness Academy


Glory Day® Memory Wellness Academy

Ideal for those who have completed MEMORY MAX CHALLENGE

Now that you have the tools to improve memory and prevent dementia from Memory Max Challenge, let’s go deeper, stay engaged with a like-minded community and keep investing in your future!

You get:

  • 2 or more zoom masterclasses each month (includes interviews with experts, reviews of the latest industry info, etc.)
  • Memory Tips Cheat Sheet
  • FASSTT tracker for monitoring daily activity
  • Insight Activities list
  • Private Facebook group
  • Numerous additional memory resources including:
    • Nutrition detectives
    • Caregiver tips
    • much more…

Masterclasses are facilitated by:

Susan P. Gibson – Pharmacist and Harvard MBA who founded Vivolor Therapeutics.  Her Mother had dementia and now Susan has a passion to help others keep their memory.  She is a memory expert, certified coach and has been featured on TV, radio and podcast interviews.

Dr Richard P Johnson – Behavioral Psychologist and Gerontologist who is a public speaker, author of over 40 books, counselor, teacher, researcher, thought leader in body, mind, spirit healing and authored 2 books on Glory Day Brain Booster

Stay at the top of your game!

Your future deserves your attention

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