Memory Max Challenge

Memory Max Challenge

Activate your memory. Optimize your life 100+ proven ways to enhance memory


You will learn more than 100 recommendations proven to enhance memory and prevent/delay dementia.


You’ll understand the scientific data supporting each recommendation


The benefits to cognition and dementia prevention will be quantified for each recommendation


You will learn the specific actions you can take to improve your memory and walk away with your own personal, achievable plan. You will be empowered and supported to take steps forward towards improvement


According to a National Institutes of Health scientific publication up to 50% of dementia can be prevented! Memory loss is preventable! Why isn’t anyone talking about this? The medical community offers no hope. But there IS hope!

If you employ these techniques daily for 3 months and do not have measurable improvement in your memory – you get your money back

Do you…

  • Have challenges coming up with names?
  • Memory not what it used to be?
  • Or your memory is fine and you want to keep it?

What do you have to lose?

Memory Loss/Dementia are the most dreaded diseases. They ruin your life and make you a burden on your family. But there are
solutions!  Join us for this month-long online challenge that includes a series of 12 masterclasses.

Memory Max Challenge

Activate your memory. Optimize your life

  • These 100+ natural, healthy, proven recommendations to enhance memory and prevent dementia don’t have downsides like drugs do.
  • The scientific data will motivate you because you can achieve the same results
  • You will select the methods that work for you

Be empowered to take small steps towards big improvement

Susan Gibson doing memory education

The Challenge is facilitated by:

Susan P. Gibson

Pharmacist and Harvard MBA who founded Vivolor Therapeutics. Her Mother had dementia and now Susan has a passion to help others keep their memory. Susan has been featured on tv, multiple radio broadcasts and interviewed on podcasts and is a certified coach, certified functional nutritionist and brain health expert.

Memory Max Challenge enlightened my soul and reactivated my mind by showing me that my mild memory loss is not a death sentence but rather it is “fixable.” Hooray!


The Challenge was very enjoyable. Susan is a gifted presenter. It was a valuable educational and even life-changing experience. I am pretty health oriented, but there was lots of new information, data-driven facts, statistics and action items. I highly recommend the challenge!


Memory Max Challenge was filled with amazing information about how to maintain a healthy brain. Susan’s presentations were motivational, encouraging me to apply what seemed most valuable to me. I highly recommend taking the time and energy to be a part of this challenge.


I am so grateful for Memory Max Challenge! Susan Gibson efficiently explained manageable ways to improve memory and prevent dementia, citing sources that displayed the power of each recommendation. I learned I can easily change daily habits to have outstanding results. The assessments displayed the long-term damage I could potentially be incurring. I made changes in my life that I know will help my long-term health and brain function


Dementia is the most feared aspect of aging. Take action now. Fix your brain so you don’t become a statistic.

How much is your memory and your future worth?

  • 12 week challenge with 12 online masterclasses
  • Answers to your questions
  • Guidance for creating your own action plan
  • A focus on simple, achievable lifestyle changes that work for you
  • Inspiration to ensure that this series changes your life


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