Learn About Memory Loss

About Memory Loss

Causes of Memory Loss

Cognitive abilities decline naturally with age even in the healthiest of individuals. Lifespans are increasing around the globe, and the population 65 years and older is projected to triple by 2050. Things other than aging can also impact our thinking and memory. Brain glucose metabolism decreases 10-15% during normal aging and the extent of cognitive decline correlates with the degree of glucose metabolism loss. Effective brain function is needed for work, relationships, well-being, and all aspects of daily living.

Brain dysfunction is initiated by numerous processes including:
  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative stress (free radicals) that can damage DNA
  • Issues processing sugar
  • Insulin resistance
  • Issues with blood cholesterol and lipids
  • Deposition of plaques like beta amyloid plaque and tau tangles
  • Loss of neurons and decreased connections between neurons
  • Damage to neurons and cell death
  • Brain shrinks in size

Preventing and treating memory loss

Prevention and treatment needs to address multiple damaging processes.

In order to prevent or reverse brain dysfunction or cognitive impairment, many of the above processes must be impacted. Many approaches to treating dementia failed because they did not impact multiple processes, and most used only 1 ingredient or targeted 1 process.

Glory Day™ Brain Booster contains 9 powerful ingredients delivering over 5000mg of potent brain supplements per day to address numerous causes of cognitive decline.

Prevention and treatment needs to address the cause of cognitive decline early in the process.

Cognitive impairment, dementia, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s disease are complex, multi-factorial conditions. The cause and process are not fully understood. Most pharmaceuticals in development for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease target beta amyloid plaques or tau tangles – changes that occur later in the sequence of events causing brain dysfunction. To prevent and address cognitive impairment, it is paramount to address early events in the cascade.

Glory Day™ Brain Booster attempts to address the causes of brain dysfunction early in the process

Brain Tests

Symptoms of Brain Dysfunction:

  • Difficulty finding words
  • Forgetting names
  • Entering a room and not remembering why you went there
  • Misplacing keys or personal items
  • Forgetting internet passwords or PINS
  • Explaining around a topic because you cannot come up with the word you wanted
  • Starting a sentence and then losing track of what you wanted to say
  • Repeating the same story multiple times
  • Taking much longer to do tasks than previously
  • Forgetting where you are

These are typical examples of memory loss and early signs of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.  Many experts believe that Alzheimer’s and dementia can be prevented.  Taking supplements that support brain function are an important aspect of delaying or preventing memory loss.

Anyone age 45 or older should be taking a quality brain booster every day!


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