Essential Resources for Supporting Your
Senior Loved Ones From a Distance

Essential Resources for Supporting Your
Senior Loved Ones From a Distance

Do you have a senior loved one who lacks local friends and relatives to help them out? Today, many seniors struggle with paying for accessible housing, medical and dental care, and food, and you may find yourself wishing you could do more to support them. The good news is that technology has opened up new possibilities for long-distance caregiving duties.

Here are some informative resources that will help you figure out how to give your loved one the
assistance they need from afar and show them how much you appreciate them.

Aging at Home

If your loved one can remain independent but needs a smaller place in order to age at home safely, you can offer up these solutions.

  • Help them connect with an experienced realtor to help your loved one downsize into a smaller, more manageable home.
  • Your loved one may have a lot of belongings they need to pare down prior to their move, and this can be an emotional process.
  • If you can help, even from a distance, offer tips on decluttering, getting rid of unnecessary items, and explain how to digitize photos and documents.
  • Invest in an effective home security system so your loved one is safe in their house.
  • If your loved one will need assistance with handyman or lawn care services, help them find trustworthy services from local professionals.

Medical Care

If you’re concerned about your loved one’s health, you can help them keep up with appointments and medications, no matter where you live.

  • Invest in an automatic pill dispenser for your loved one so that they will always take their medications on time. 
  • Select a medical alert system for your loved one so that you will be notified if they need assistance.
  • If your loved one suffers from depression or anxiety, help them connect with mental health services through their Medicare coverage.
  • Supplements from Vivolor can promote memory and healthy aging!

Estate Planning Basics

If your loved one is confused about how to begin the estate planning process, give them a call and help walk them through it.

  • Talk to your loved one about writing their will and how they want their assets to be divided.
  • Determine how much your loved one will get out of selling their home to help fund their care in this late stage of their life.
  • Discuss establishing a power of attorney to appoint someone else to make decisions on your loved one’s behalf.

Many people assume that in order to provide a senior loved one with care and support, you need to live nearby. Nowadays, this isn’t necessarily true. With the right resources, you can assist your senior loved ones with their most pressing needs wherever you happen to live!

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