A Changed Life: Life After Taking Vivolor MS for One Year

I Feel 15 Years Younger Book

A Changed Life: Life After Taking Vivolor MS for One Year

If your life is dramatically changed, what will you do? Will you share it with the world? In Dr. Johnson’s case, he wrote not one, but three books about how dramatically Vivolor® Memory Support transformed his life! His third book was recently released titled, “I Feel 15 Years Younger – 50 Ways My Life Was Measurably Enhanced by Vivolor® Memory Support. Vivolor® Memory Support… My Fountain of Youth”.

Dr Johnson makes it clear that he experienced dramatic improvements in body, emotions, cognition and spirit. According to him,

“Life can be seen as operating in four life arenas simultaneously: body, emotions, mind or cognition and spirit. I have seen positive changes in my life after one year with Vivolor® Memory Support in each of these life arenas. Accordingly, I’ve divided this book into four sections: 1) Body, 2) Emotions 3) Mind or cognition, and 4) Spirit.

Yes, Vivolor® Memory Support has changed my life in all life arenas. I had no idea when I started with Vivolor® that the benefits I would experience would be as expansive as they have been for me!”

Dr. Johnson talks about improvements in 50 areas of his life. There are many things he can do now that he could not do before Vivolor. And challenges he had that are no longer issues. Pretty astounding to have improvements in 50 areas!!

Dr. Johnson thought people would ask how enhanced his life was in each area, so he describes his struggles before Vivolor and gives a rating to estimate his performance. He also outlines his capabilities after taking Vivolor for one year and rates his capabilities now in each of the 50 categories. If having improvements in 50 different arenas of performance is not enough, his average capability over all 50 arenas is 33.4% enhanced! Wow.

If you would like to know more, here’s a link to his book.

If you are struggling with memory, mood, anxiety or aging – read Dr. Johnson’s book and you will realize you are not alone. You will also discover that there is hope.

You might want to check out Vivolor® Memory Support as well. What do you have to lose? Lots of people have experienced improvements, not only in cognition but also in energy, mood, performance and anti-aging.

Vivolor contains 9 powerful ingredients that are all natural, mostly plant extracts and have significant scientific evidence supporting their improvements in memory, cognition, processing speed and focus.

Learn more about Vivolor ingredients here.

Dr Johnson mentions in his book that, “Wellness means adding life to your years, not simply years to your life.”

For Richard, his life changed when his body, mind and spirit improved.

He is making better food choices, has increased productivity, and displays more confidence.

Do you agree with his statement? Do you believe that adding life to your years is as important as adding years to your life? If you’ve known anyone with memory loss, I think the picture is clear.

Life without a functional brain can rob us of almost any enjoyment and even make us a burden on our loved ones.

Take action now. Keep your memories.

Keep your memories

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