Best Gifts for People with Memory Loss

Best Gifts for People with Memory Loss (2)

Best Gifts for People with Memory Loss

Holidays are always a great time to spend with family and make unforgettable memories. Holidays allow everyone to gather together and reminisce about old memories while making new ones.

In our previous article, you learned about the best activities to do if you are with someone who suffers from memory loss. Now, let’s look at the best gifts to give someone with memory loss.

Gifts are a great way to appreciate your loved ones and keep them engaged and entertained.

Best Gifts for People with Memory Loss (2)

Here are some of excellent gift ideas for people memory loss:


Activity books

Activity books help keep the mind active. These books stimulate creativity and strategy. These gifts are also easy to find. Feel free to add crayons and pens to your gifts. Examples of activity books include:

  • Coloring books and art materials
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Sudoku



Cards encourage social interaction. Some card games can be play alone but most card games need a playmate or group of players. Cards, like activity books, are also easy to find.

  • Playing cards
  • Uno


Arts or crafts

When you think of gifts, think of something that your loved one will. enjoy doing. Do they love to paint? Draw? Do they love crocheting or doing cross stitch? What will make them smile?

  • Knitting or crocheting materials
  • Art materials


Daily needs

The best Christmas gifts are those that your loved ones can use. Check what their needs are.

  • Weighted blanket
  • Slippers
  • Massaging gifts
  • Stuffed animals or dolls
  • Digital clock with calendar


Memory Lane

Do you have a family tradition? It can be in the form of food, like a family secret recipe. See if the familiar flavors bring back other memories.  You can also give something that directly stimulates remembering the past, such as photo albums or songs. Music is amazing in its ability to trigger memories.  Many people with severe memory loss can hum or sing along with tunes they know from their younger years.  Stimulating these positive memories is very helpful for the person with memory loss and usually very rich and rewarding for them as well. An album of their favorite singer or band is a thoughtful and personal gift they are likely to relish and continue  to sing along with long after the holiday has ended.

  • Family food¬†
  • Photo album
  • Album of their favorite singer/band
  • DVD of their favorite movie



If they can still take care of another living thing, having a pet cat or dog, or even a plant, can help them be more active and attentive. If not, having a stuffed animal can help them feel that they are not alone.

  • Pet cat or dog
  • Plant
  • Stuffed animal


We, at Vivolor, hope you enjoy your holidays, whatever you choose to do and whoever you are with!  Happy holidays!

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