Advocate For Your Own Health At All Stages Of Your Life

Advocate For Your Own Health At All Stages Of Your Life

It’s no secret that medicine doesn’t always get it right, especially when it comes to women’s health. Although we are well past the belief that the wandering womb was the cause of all female maladies, there are still healthcare providers that simply won’t listen when we know our bodies are off. For this reason, we must all be advocates of our own health, no matter where we are in life.

Keep reading as Vivolor Therapeutics touches on a few ways you can take control of your health from head to toe.

Understand your symptoms

First, it’s important to understand when your symptoms go beyond what’s typically accepted as “normal.” For example, there is a profound difference between morning sickness and hyperemesis gravidarum. 24/7 sickness that won’t go away and causes you to feel so sick that you cannot take care of your family is worth looking into, especially if OTC and prescription anti-nausea medicine doesn’t help.

Keep a copy of your records handy

Your medical records hold important information that can help you present your case to new physicians. According to the Office of The National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, your provider can’t withhold copies of your records, even if you’re in the middle of the payment dispute and have yet to settle a bill. Keep copies of records from all of your physicians, which your current physician can then cross-reference to look for patterns that might indicate a problem.

If you have video records, potentially from a surgery or endoscopy, it’s helpful to keep them together in one file as well. You can quickly combine videos with an online tool. This is an easy way to edit videos together without having to purchase dedicated software. Just upload your clips, edit them together, and download your new file.

Live healthfully all the time

Living healthily means different things to different people, but one thing that is universal and that is that we all need physical activity. There are many exercises that are typically considered safe during pregnancy, including walking on your scheduled work breaks. If you have morning sickness, Apptiv suggests that you exercise when your body says it’s okay and rest when you need it.

Read reviews on healthcare facilities

Ideally, we all live long, healthy, active, and independent lives. But, sometimes, medical conditions, physical impairments, or other significant issues require that we make living arrangements for ourselves that involve being cared for by others. And, since advocating for your health doesn’t end when you have a baby, you should also look ahead to the possibility that you may wind up in a senior living facility, such as a skilled nursing care unit. If you do, you can circumvent lots of heartache and potentially poor healthcare services by reading reviews, facility reports, and other pertinent information, such as cost and payment options.

Ask for a second opinion

You already know that your health is your greatest asset. You also know that doctors aren’t always right. Don’t be shy about asking for a second opinion, which HealthPartners asserts your health insurance may pay for, particularly if you’ve been diagnosed with a rare condition, are facing surgery, or simply want an opinion from someone more experienced.

Go for a personalized plan

Hyperemesis gravidarum can be a serious condition, but it’s not the only medical condition that necessitates a personalized health plan. Once you hit menopause, for example, you may need to speak with a hormone therapist and compounding pharmacist to come up with a custom combination of hormones to meet your body’s unique needs.

Your health truly is the most valuable thing that you have. When you advocate for yourself by asking for a second opinion, living well all the time, and doing your research before choosing healthcare facilities, you show your healthcare providers that you’re serious about your wellness. Although these professionals have sworn an oath to care for you, you are ultimately the one responsible for treating yourself with care and compassion first.

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By Stephanie Haywood and Susan Gibson

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