3 Tips for Making a Golden Years Marriage a Happy One

3 Tips for Making a Golden Years Marriage a Happy One

Getting married is a special event in any person’s life, but when seniors find love in their golden years, it can be especially delightful. With that comes some challenges, as you both have a lifetime of experience and assets. Check out these tips from Vivolor Therapeutics for making marriage an easy transition.

1. Prepare Your Wills

No one wants to think about serious illness or death, but even young couples should have living wills, sometimes called advance directives, and last will and testaments prepared. As seniors, this is even more important, as you both may already have children and grandchildren from previous relationships who have ideas about how your health should be managed in emergencies and how your property should be split upon your death. To eliminate any chance of argument among your relatives, use a family lawyer to set up your wills so that your desires are unambiguous.

2. Plan Your Budget

Many seniors live on a fixed income, so it’s important to plan a budget with both of your finances in mind. Be upfront about your financial history, income, and expenses. Share information about bank and investment accounts so that you can be prepared for the unexpected, and consider getting a joint bank account so that your spending and savings are always out in the open.

3. Sell Your Old Home(s)

Many seniors dream of a new home they can retire in that’s closer to grandkids, in a warmer climate, or in a home that’s better suited to the needs of senior living. With two of you, moving into a new home may require selling one or more houses, so there are some steps you should take to increase your chances of a quick and profitable sale.

Buyers will be wary of homes that need serious repairs. For many homeowners, there are certain idiosyncrasies about the home you have accepted over time: a light switch that never worked, a faucet that perpetually leaks, a cracked window in the kitchen. While these may seem minor to you, potential homebuyers will be much less forgiving, so make an effort to take care of repairs before listing. If your home sits on the market for too long because people are turned off by the amount of work it would take, you’ll not only lose money in the sale, but you’ll likely have to pay for the repairs to reach an agreement with the buyer.

There are ways you can increase your home’s value, too. Painting your front door can significantly impact the sale price for very little investment, with Mental Floss noting that homes with black or charcoal doors sold for up to $6,000 more than expected. Curb appeal is an important factor in many home sales, so consider adding or updating your walkway and planting flowers or other greenery that will appeal to potential buyers.

Lastly, look for little ways that you can generate interest in your home. This is especially important if you’re selling your home on your own. For example, use online banner makers to announce the sale on social media. Or, use free apps to create your own business cards, complete with your email address and other important contact information. Every little bit can help you spread the word about your property.

Make marriage in the golden years as sunny as can be. Be honest and work together to create the life you’ve dreamed of for you both to enjoy for years to come. And the most important thing to help you live happily and healthily during your golden years, is keep your memory sharp.  Learn natural, healthy evidence-based ways to improve your memory and prevent dementia by attending Vivolor’s Maximize Your Memory Challenge found at https://MemoryWellnessAcademy.com and try Vivolor’s mega-supplement VivolorÂź Memory Support at Vivolor Therapeutics.

By Stephanie Haywood  of MyLifeBoost.com

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