11 Things that Hurt Your Brain

11 Things that hurt your brain

11 Things that Hurt Your Brain

Our next Memory Wellness Academy event will be next Tuesday, October 26 at noon PT where we will learn 11 Things That Hurt Your Brain from Russell Shaw.

Do you agree that brain health is probably the most important thing to have for retirement and aging? 

Many people work hard to ensure they have enough money to retire, but without your cognitive health, retirement can be a real struggle.

On Tuesday, brain health expert Russell Shaw will talk about the things you do that your hurting your brain and what you can do instead. 

Are you interested to know what improves your memory and what hinders it? If yes, join us on Tuesday!

Russell Shaw is licensed as a Brain Trainer from taking Dr Daniel Amen’s courses.¬† Russell is also a Licensed Neuro-Encoding Specialist through training by Dr Joseph McClendon.¬† He is an engineer, coach, author, trainer and public speaker as well.¬†¬†In our session, Russell and I will cover 11 Things That Hurt Your Brain, using a model that Russell learned during his certifications.¬† ¬†

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See you there!!

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