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Memory Loss Plague

With the aging population, memory loss is a tsunami or plague threatening to overtake our society as the number struggling increases drastically. The enemy has gained tremendous ground through robbing minds – and this not only impacts the person with memory slippage, but everyone around them as well.

Susan's Story

I know. I watched my beloved mother slip away. Mom was my best friend. I told her everything. I was closer to her than any person in the world. One day, I took mom for a walk outside my parents place and mom looks at me and says
She doesn’t believe I’m her daughter!
I prayed that God would show me the solution to memory loss.

“Susan Gibson is a modern-day Deborah whose kingdom company, Vivolor ® Therapeutics Inc offers natural, God-given methods of improving your memory.  Maximize Your Memory challenge and Vivolor® Memory Support address one of the most deeply felt needs today.”   

Ed Silvoso
Transform Our World ministry, author, speaker, international Christian leader

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Vivolor® means Living Lord

The company name has great significance
Vivo = Living
Lor is from Lord

Essentially, the company is named Living Lord Therapeutics, since it is His company

Lor is from flora because the product is created from living plants – things God created


Vivolor® Memory Support

Based on Science

Premium quality, All-Natural

  • Manufactured in the USA in FDA approved, GMP certified facilities
  • Tested to ensure no heavy metals or contaminants
  • Contains no caffeine, soy, sugar, GMOs dairy, gluten or yeast
  • All ingredients are Generally Regarded As Safe by the FDA
  • Precisely crafted to get the best results

Great Results

Scientific Evidence of Vivolor® Ingredients

Vivolor® Memory Support utilizes multiple ingredients that impacted various different aspects of brain function in clinical studies. Scientific evidence helped identify the best ingredients for maximum impact and lasting benefit.
Each ingredient
was selected because of its powerful effects on inflammation, oxidation, blood sugar and lipids.
shows where scientific data supports the benefit.


Imagine yourself having more energy, mental clarity, feeling happier and remembering names and recalling words more effortlessly. That is what others taking Vivolor® have experienced.
Boost your confidence!

“Within 3 days of starting Vivolor Memory Support I noticed major improvements. I no longer have brain fog. I remember things better. Processing thoughts is easier and I don’t forget halfway through a thought. I have a real improvement in energy.”


“I started Vivolor Memory Support ~ 8 months ago. I was in a tough situation! I was having a lot of difficulty with long-term recall and short-term recall. I tried other products – they didn’t work. Around month 3 or 4 using Vivolor, I really noticed a change in my long-term memory and facts. Memories just started coming back to me. Then around month 5 or 6, all the short-term things that I just could not remember all started to take shape. I have lots more crispness in focus and memory and wasn’t so forgetful. I am sold on Vivolor! I will continue taking it and notice improvement every single week!!”


“By day 3, I experienced notably improved vision and clarity! I had been rubbing my eyes for years and by 1.5 weeks on Vivolor I had seen a marked turnaround in my ease, clarity and focus when working at the computer. Vivolor restored my sense of taste and smell after 20 years, which honestly brought me to tears”


“My mind seems sharper and I feel like I have more mental clarity”


I used to have bouts of brain fog and forgetting a lot of short-term things. Since being on Vivolor Memory Support, I no longer have brain fog and I have more clarity. It really has helped!"


“Increased clarity and word and name recall. Quite exciting really"


Will Vivolor® work for me?

Vivolor® Memory Support has helped those with:

  • Normal memory
  • At risk for memory issues
  • Concerned about future memory loss
  • Encountering memory slippage
  • Experiencing mild impairment
  • Suffering severe memory issues

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Are you at Risk for Memory Loss?

The following factors increase the risk of memory loss. Anyone over the age of 45 or with any of these risk factors should be taking memory supplementation daily. The more risks you have, the more critical it is to take action.



An omega 3 oil that is naturally occurring in your brain and is critical to normal brain functioning. After age 20, your levels of DHA decline. You cannot make more DHA, so you must consume it. Low levels of DHA have been associated with cognitive decline. DHA levels are greatly decreased in Alzheimer’s disease. Numerous studies have shown cognitive benefits of taking DHA daily consistently over time. Some studies show better cognitive performance with higher blood levels of DHA. In fact, those with the highest blood levels of DHA in one study had half as much dementia! Vivolor Memory Support contains generous amounts of DHA (2000mg per day) that are higher than most other DHA supplements and 10 times more than many fish oil products. In clinical studies, DHA showed improvements in various aspects of memory and brain function including visual memory, abstract skills, immediate recall, short term memory, working memory, verbal memory, semantic memory function, delayed recall, non-verbal reasoning, mental flexibility, vocabulary, attention, speed and executive function.


An amazing supplement with numerous health benefits to energy, mood, heart, anti- aging as well as to brain performance. It helps with creating new neurons. Scientific studies have shown that curcumin enhances cognition, attention, alertness, psychomotor speed and memory. It also improved accuracy, math, and contentedness. The Achilles heel of curcumin is that less than 1% of native curcumin is absorbed by your body. Vivolor contains a patented, branded form of curcumin that is 185 times better absorption (the best absorption available). Vivolor also contains generous doses, yielding more effective curcumin than almost any other product.

Gingko biloba

A well-known supplement used in Chinese medicine for 1000s of years for its benefits to cognitive function. A form of gingko is approved by the regulatory authorities in the EU for the symptomatic treatment of adults with cognitive impairment and mild-to-moderate dementia.

Pine bark

Protects arteries and prevents leaky blood vessels. Studies showed improvement in 15 different aspects of cognitions including speed of response, short-term memory, executive function, daily tasks, mood, attention, and concentration.


Helps protect nerves and has numerous studies. 289 studies in humans showed it has the potential to improved multiple aspects of cognition including memory, processing speed, learning, intelligence, and reduced forgetting.

Lions Mane

Has shown anti-aging, nerve protection, heart, blood lipids, blood sugar, blood pressure benefits. Research suggests that it helps prevent memory decline, preserve normal brain health, enhance cognitive function and improved 14 different cognitive domains in those with mild cognitive impairment.


An amino acid that plays vital roles in brain performance. It has been shown to increase attention and alertness, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce mind wandering, and increase mental clarity.


A powerful anti-oxidant that contains quercetin and bioflavonoids found in green vegetables, fruit, nuts and beans.


Naturally occurring in grape skins and berries and is neuroprotective against cognitive impairment. In many studies, it delayed age-related cognitive decline and enhances brain health through a number of different mechanisms. It has also been shown to promote heart health, encourage healthy insulin sensitivity and mitochondrial function and has anti-aging properties.

Symptoms of Memory Loss

  • Forgetting Names
    • Remember that gut wrenching feeling when you can’t remember someone’s name that
      you know that you know. This damages relationships. You try to cover it up by not
      engaging so no one sees your failure to remember. Many Vivolor customers have found
      improved name recall which restores confidence and relationships
  • Hard to find words
    • Do you speak less because you aren’t sure you can come up with all the facts and details
      you need? By the time you decide you can find the words needed to comment the
      conversation has already moved on past that topic. This usually takes a big toll on
      confidence. And disrupts connecting with friends and family. With Vivolor, most
      customers say that dread is gone and they feel free and more confident. Remember
  • Misplacing items
    • How much time do you waste looking for your keys or wallet? Have you walked into a
      room and forgotten why you went there? Regain control of your life
  • Can’t do some of the things you used to do
    • It’s very frustrating and scary when you notice you aren’t as sharp or quick as you used
      to be. There are many things you can do to improve your brain health. This should be a
      big red flag warning you to start immediately with making changes and prioritizing your
  • Feel out of control
    • Your brain is the most complex thing in existence. It is the control center for everything
      you do. When your brain isn’t working right, nothing in your life works right. Decisions
      feel difficult and heavy. It’s hard to keep track. Don’t let life pass you by – take actions
      to regain control.
  • Worry it will get worse
    • There is good reason to worry about your cognition getting worse. Unless you make
      changes, and know what changes to make, memory typically only declines over time. It
      may decline rapidly or less quickly – but it usually only goes in one direction. You are
      wise to do everything you can find to do to get your memory back on track. Learn over
      100 specific actions you can take that are shown in clinical studies to improve memory
      by taking Maximize Your Memory Challenge
  • Depression and anger
    • Changes in mood, emotions and personality are typical even with mild memory loss.  Anger can be a protection against possible rejection, ‘dumping’ emotional baggage or genuine indignation at the frustrating situation.  Despair and social isolation are also common.  Don’t let these spiral downwards
  • Fear of being a burden in the future
    • Memory loss is totally debilitating and takes an even larger toll on your caregiver than on you, if that is possible.  There is good reason to fear if you aren’t taking action and moving towards brain health 
  • Overall health issues
    • When your brain is sharp and quick, your body functions better.  All Vivolor Memory Support ingredients have data that they improve cognition, but they also improve heart health, aging, mood, energy and much more

Feel proud of yourself for taking care of yourself, doing something healthy and investing in your future–you deserve it!
Picture yourself having more energy and motivation, feeling good and being ready to take on the day and the new challenges it presents.

Don’t wait until your memory becomes a crisis. The negative changes in your brain have typically been going on for over 20 years by then!

Have a sense of relief knowing you are taking the most comprehensive product with generous brain nutrients. Imagine what is possible when your brain is functioning well and you can lead the life and have the future you have dreamed about.

References for Memory Loss Risks

Methodology varies greatly across publications and caution should be taken when comparing risk across factors and or publications

*Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.