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Re-Train Your Brain 

with Russell Shaw

Wednesday September 15 noon PT

Did you know that you can make of your life what you want?  Developing new, good habits is not difficult, if you know how habits are created.  You actually teach your brain how to think by the patterns of your thoughts.  Many of us have developed habits during the pandemic lockdown that are destructive to our brain health.  Join us and learn how to Re-Train Your Brain!

Russell Shaw is a master of many diverse talents.  He is a Licensed Neuro-Encoding Specialist through training by Dr Joseph McClendon and a Licensed Brain Trainer from Dr Daniel Amen’s courses.  Russell is also an engineer, coach, author, trainer and public speaker.  He understands the thought process from many different angles, the software (programming) and the hardware (the brain as an organ).

In our session, Russell will help you understand the language of your brain.  Thoughts cause release of electrical signals and neurotransmitters.  Your thoughts change the actual material substance of your brain!  You will learn how to train your brain, and thus the resulting emotions and actions.  You will also learn how to avoid ANTS on your brain.  Everyone has them, but they can be deadly if not removed.  You’ll leave the session knowing how to tame your ANTS!

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