Is Your 2nd Brain Causing Memory Loss or Brain Fog? 

with Kiran Krishnan

Tuesday, April 13 2pm PT


Is Your 2nd Brain Causing

Memory Loss or Brain Fog

Did you know that your gut is so critical to brain performance that your gut is often referred to as your ‘2nd brain’? Issues with your gastrointestinal tract cause issues with brain performance.  Learn from a world renown expert what to do about it!  

Kiran Krishnan is a research microbiologist and internationally recognized expert on the gut and microbiome.  He is Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder of Microbiome Labs and is currently conducting 16 human clinical trials on the human microbiome (gut bacteria) and probiotics.


Learn why the gut and brain are so closely linked, how to know when gut issues may be contributing to your problem and how to keep a healthy gut.  Please come with questions to post in chat.  This will be a fabulous, informative session!


Recording provided if you register