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How to De-Stress Now

with Sharmila Acharya

Wednesday February 23 at 10am PT

Stress seems to be the modern-day plague.¬† We are all trying to fit more things into less time.¬† And we don’t even realize how our bodies carry stress or how it impacts us.¬† But the effects of ongoing stress on the body are profound.¬† Short-term stress has been shown to cause brain fog and long-term stress increases the risk of dementia.

Your stress may be caused by caregiving, type A personality, intense workload or money or relational worries.  Whatever the cause, join us to practice de-stressing.

Sharmila Acharya is an integrative physical therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and holistic Nutritionist who founded The Wellness Transformation and 30-day Mind Body Flow programs.  She has taught stress management workshops for companies, schools, first responders and newcomers to meditation.  Sharmila will teach us simple, practical and creative approaches to de-stress.  We will practice these approaches together so that you feel the changes in your body, going beyond just learning the concepts in your head. 

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