“I am a huge believer in Glory Day Brain Booster! It is amazing. It changed my life and my husband’s life! My husband, Gene, has severe Alzheimer’s for ~10 years now. Gene just slept all day, was getting very quiet and moving very little. He could not take care of himself. After only a few days on Glory Day Brain Booster, Gene called my name. I was so excited and thankful! He hadn’t remembered my name for over a year. He wasn’t talking before. At most he would mutter 2 words with no meaning. Now he is making longer sentences and every day he makes more sense. After taking the pills [Glory Day Brain Booster] for a month, now he eats and goes to the bathroom on his own! He is active, reading things, walking around and talking. His emotions relate to what we are saying. It makes me so happy! We even had to take his dog away because he was restraining her too bad. Now Gene is doing really good with her like he used to!!

I can’t explain what it means to have my husband back. He’s talking, smiling, walking. He has a light of hope and even tells me he loves me. Gene’s whole family and I are taking Glory Day Brain Booster now. Blessings to those who make Glory Day Brain Booster for all they are doing to help people like us. We will never be able to thank you enough”.

Adriana and husband Gene

“After only three weeks on Glory Day, my mother’s nurse practitioner notice that she was more sociable, and interested in the activities in her memory care unit. Before, she would sleep a lot of the day. I’m so glad we started her on these supplements. Even if it doesn’t cure her condition, her quality of life is greatly improving!”



“I give Glory Day Brain Booster 5 stars for impressive and quick results. I’m a professional speaker. For the last several years I’ve experienced some difficulties in finding the right word I know that I know but couldn’t bring it up in my mind. Remembering names was also proving something of a challenge. I started Glory Day Brain Booster one month ago. I just returned from giving a three day seminar and not only did I not experience any word finding or name remembering difficulties, but I noticed a new calm and confidence in my talks… I guess because I wasn’t anxious that I would feel humiliated by any cognitive slips.”

 Richard Johnson, PhD

“I am 61 years old and have been teaching elementary school for 22 years.  This year I have 72 kids in my English Language Arts classes. I always struggle to learn and remember students’ names. I started taking Glory Day Brain Booster 3 months ago and I knew all the kids names by the 3rd day!  That has never happened before!  I love my improvement in learning and remembering names and other details in the crazy-busy back to school time! It’s been a great start to the year! Thank you for the improved brain power!”

 Mary Tamson


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