Brain Games for Maintaining Mental Sharpness Vivolor Therapeutics

Brain Games for Maintaining Mental Sharpness

Games are one way to keep utilizing your neurons and maintain a healthy brain. The scientific data keep building on how flexible and adaptable the brain is.  The term ‘neuroplasticity’ captures this flexibility.  Neuronal connections that get used are strengthened and enhanced.  Any neuronal connections that don’t get used get pared back or removed.  Cards, puzzles and board games...

I Feel 15 Years Younger Book

A Changed Life: Life After Taking Vivolor MS for One Year

If your life is dramatically changed, what will you do? Will you share it with the world? In Dr. Johnson’s case, he wrote not one, but three books about how dramatically Vivolor® Memory Support transformed his life! His third book was recently released titled, “I Feel 15 Years Younger - 50 Ways My Life Was Measurably Enhanced by Vivolor®...

Memory Loss Affects the Whole Family | Why You Should Take Care of Your Memory

When a family member starts losing their memory, everything changes. Memory loss affects the whole family, not just the person whose memory is declining. When someone you love starts to experience cognitive decline, it is critical to adjust both your lifestyle (as the caregiver) and theirs as soon as possible! Make it a goal to take care of your...


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