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Thanksgiving Recipes that are Good for the Brain (1)

Thanksgiving Recipes that are Good for the Brain

Thanksgiving is that time of the year when you get together with family and friends to remember the things you are grateful for. Thanksgiving is when families share stories, remember family traditions. How can you share stories if you’re having a difficult time remembering? This is why we have a list of Thanksgiving recipes for you!Thanksgiving is just around...

Vivolor Ingredient Check Curcumin (1)

Ingredient Check: Curcumin and the Benefits of Curcumin

Did you know that it is believed that the reason people in India have significantly lower rates of Alzheimer’s disease than any other country is because of the amount of turmeric (curcumin) in their Indian food?  Curcumin is what gives curry its color and comes from a plant called turmeric root.  Curcumin is powerful and is one of the...


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