10 Brain Exercises and Memory Games For Seniors

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10 Brain Exercises and Memory Games For Seniors

As people get older, their brain structure and chemical signals change. Their memories aren’t as sharp as it used to be, but some memory loss is a typical part of aging. However, if the issue gets to the point where an individual cannot perform daily chores like grocery shopping, balancing a checkbook, or getting lost in familiar surroundings, then that might be a possible sign of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

These cognitive declines typically deteriorate gradually, but there are ways to slow down the deterioration. Healthy lifestyle modifications like eating the right food, exercising, and taking brain booster supplements like Glory Day Brain Booster can help support your memory and cognitive function.

In addition to that, exercising the brain with word puzzles, board games, or any novel activity can create new neurons, connections, and communications that can improve memory and brain function.

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How Do Brain Exercises Help You?

The more you work out your muscles, the bigger and stronger the muscles get. The brain is the same way; the more you use it, the healthier it gets. Brain exercise can improve memory leading to a faster thought process, better focus, better productivity, and improve listening skills.

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Try An App

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Here is a list of brain exercising Apps and resources:


Lumosity is an online subscription program that provides a limited free version. The paid version has more brain training games and opportunities. Users can skip the games that don’t appeal to them and save the ones they like on their favorites list. All these games focus on improving flexibility, attention span, problem-solving, language, and speed. 

Fit Brains

The Fit Brain game helps enhance focus, speed, and memory by giving players access to more than 360 puzzles and games. The app is designed to get more difficult as the users get better to provide endless challenges for the brain.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

This app gives users access to a variety of well-designed games that are created by neuroscientists. With this game, users are given a cognitive assessment, so they can track their progress to see if there are improvements. The fun part is that they can challenge their friends and family for more interactive fun.

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Keep Your Brain Alive

Creating a multi-sensory association with something new and innovative is the key ingredient in exercising the brain and keeping it alive.

Involve one or more of your senses in a novel activity

We all have multiple senses, such as sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. The best way to exercise the brain is to use additional senses to do ordinary tasks by blunting particular ones that you would normally use.

 For example, getting dressed for work or taking a shower with your eyes closed creates a new experience.  Another example is listening to music with the eyes closed while smelling a particular aroma such as lavender, chocolate, or vanilla. This wakes up the sense of smell and can make the whole experience feel like you are on vacation.

Engage your attention

It’s essential to excite your neurons by doing activities that are fun, exciting, and unusual. This is especially true when you engage in activities that you do not normally do.  These new activities actually cause your brain to lay down new neurons.

For example, you can go camping, birdwatching, nature walking, or fishing.

Break up your routine in a new way

Try something new and unusual to break up a routine. For example, take a new route to work, shop at a farmers market instead of a supermarket, or rearrange your kitchen, office, or workspace.  You can also brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand or switch which hands you typically use for holding silverware.

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Word Puzzles

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Puzzles help with memory retention. The challenging aspect of the puzzle helps the brain form and maintain connections. Keep in mind that the crossword puzzle utilizes both the left and right sides of the brain. It activates the logical reasoning side to help with learning new words and vocabulary. 


Sudoku is a popular pencil puzzle that requires users to problem solve and have fun at the same time. It is also available in digital platforms (online versions or apps). Sudoku requires memory skills and logic, which stimulates the brain to make connections. It taps into what is called executive function, which helps improve concentration and enhances decision-making skills. 

Board Games

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Board games are fun and exciting and a great way to bond with the whole family. Here is a list of board games that can bring joy and excitement as well as improving brain function.

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Concentration is a popular board game that is fun for people of all ages. The goal is to boost memory through mental stimulation. It also improves other brain functions like visualization and sequencing skills.


Monopoly is a real estate board game that requires 2 to 8 players. The players will purchase and develop a piece of property, and whoever gets the most money wins. This game is centered around the concept of capitalism. It’s an excellent way to exercise the brain for strategic and logical thinking, as well as an opportunity for older generations to teach younger people the concept of money and real estate.

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Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a fast paced board game where users build their own train routes and earn points. The players must compete to grab the best train cards before their opponent takes everything away. The game is challenging and requires players to think ahead. This is perfect for people of different ages as well as folks who are trying to improve their processing speed and brainpower.


Cranium is an outrageously fun board game that brings people together. It’s perfect for a family gathering, get together, dinner party, vacation, and to help senior citizens improve their memory and cognitive function. The idea of the game is for a player to provide clues to the desired word by drawing or sculpting in clay. Teammates guess based on these clues.  It provides a lot of fun and excitement that can help light up everyone’s cranium.

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There are a variety of ways to delay cognitive decline or to prevent it. Eating healthy food, exercising, taking supplements like Vivolor Memory Support from Vivolor Therapeutics Inc can be very beneficial, as can changing your habits. Consider performing brain exercises every day, especially the ones listed above. 

Playing board games with friends and family every week can enhance your mood, energy, and social interaction, as well as improve cognitive function. Playing phone brain games daily can keep the memory sharp and focused as well as improve speed. 

With all of these fantastic tips and tricks, your brain can finally age well – like fine wine.

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