Announcing the First Book about Vivolor Memory Support!

Announcing the First Book about Vivolor Memory Support!

Let me introduce you to my latest book: My Memory is Eroding – The 10 Reasons Why I Decided to Start Vivolor Memory Support, a clear departure from all my former writing. This book offers a deep, even intimate glimpse into my current concerns around the question; “Am I doing all I can to lead the most happy, constructive, caring, and spiritually inspirational life I am called to lead?

As a practicing gerontologist and professional counselor I have in recent years become ever more alerted to the pain of memory loss. I’ve come to see memory difficulties and even minimal cognitive impairments (MCI) as clear underlying causative features of some depression, anxiety and relationship troubles. I now believe that a significant underlying cause of these noxious emotional disorders is a slow and silent invasion of one’s brain functioning.

More Memory Erosion

As memory “erosion” issues are clearly ‘on the rise’ in my counseling practice, I’ve even noticed minor cognitive changes in myself! As these memory problems arise they ignite other, equally noxious emotional issues: anger, irritability, sadness, self-depreciation, anxiety, exasperation, and others, and behavioral issues: mental confusion, befuddlement, inability to ‘find’ words, hesitancy, and difficulties in planning, sequencing, and decision making. If there is any glimmer of hope that we can successfully address memory loss, I am compelled as a

professional to assess it and be able to confidently inform my patients that help exists. Writing this short book My Memory is Eroding – The 10 Reasons Why I Decided to Start Glory Day Brain Booster is my response.

Announcing the First Book about Vivolor Memory Support!

Memory and Spiritual Growth

Beyond these changes caused by memory erosion lurks another unseen and undocumented change – the arrest of spiritual growth. When one’s brain begins to falter, even in small ways, so does one’s life; and one’s walk in faith is likewise impaired. Aging, illness and other life losses are diminishments that can bring us closer to God. But, when our brain ‘hardware’ diminishes, then life’s forward movement in every life arena begins to slow and eventually stops.

In my counseling practice, I’ve consistently striven (and sometimes even succeeded) to capture God’s presence in life’s journey, especially in times when it’s difficult to see the hand of God: aging, illness, low self-esteem, depression, caregiving, mental illness, etc. My life’s work has been based on my belief that if we can see God’s imprint even in these pressing times, then our spiritual quest of walking closer with God will be immeasurably enhanced.

Memory erosion is certainly one of these pressing life issues of immense concern.

Currently there is no cure for memory loss!

There is little the medical community can do. There is a group of pharmaceuticals called cholinesterase inhibitors – Aricept, Cognex, Razadyne, Namzaric, Reminyl and Exelon, but these medications do not slow the pace of dementia and certainly don’t stop it or reverse it. They only address symptoms and even while on these drugs, cognition and symptoms continue to decline. So, what can we do? This little book is the beginning of my answer to this very important question. The book describes my investigation into Glory Day Brain Booster, a nutraceutical (all natural, mostly plant based) supplement. I felt compelled to write this book to satisfy my own need for due diligence before I decided whether I would begin taking GDBB.

Announcing the First Book about Vivolor Memory Support!

My 10 Most Urgent Life Goals

In the book I describe my ten most urgent life concerns. When I look at them I see each as a goal for life change, and also a path to happiness. However, I fear that my minimal memory loss will block me from achieving these life enhancing goals. Might there be a way that I can pursue these ten without fear? What are the means that will energize me to make these ten life goals my true blueprint for living my life in a way that will lead me closer to my most authentic self, and there discover happiness?

As I looked deeply into my concerns, my goals for the remainder of my life, I realized that while I was equipped psychologically, and in formative spiritually, I perhaps had neglected a most important physical essential organ in my body… my brain.

As my body was aging and experiencing the diminishment that aging brings, so was my brain. I realized that I needed to give much more focused attention to my brain if I truly wanted to optimally address my ten life concerns. Without a healthy brain I would be incapable of living my most authentic life.

This is when I seriously began investigating ways to achieve what I needed and wanted for my life. More than that… was I truly equipped to answer God’s call to me in this stage of my life? Was I giving my brain the support it required so it could be my ‘command and operations center’ for the life change and growth that I needed?

That question eventually brought me to write My Memory is Eroding and to consequently begin taking Glory Day Brain Booster. In the book I also thoroughly review the extensive research on the nine ingredients in Glory Day Brain Booster, emphasizing their potential positive effects on memory.

Next Steps

If you have noticed any cognitive changes in you, or someone close to you, or if dementia of any type is in your family, then I invite you to read this book. And after you do, I would so appreciate it if you would write a short review on Amazon. As a writer I know that a book lives or dies by its’ reviews.


Richard P. Johnson, PhD

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