Further Evidence that Dementia is Preventable – Plus 3 New Dementia Risk Factors

The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) was held a few weeks ago online. Due to  Covid, the conference was virtual. Scientific presentations continued to reiterate that there are no pharmaceuticals that slow or impact the progression of memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease. However, the evidence continues to build for the powerful impact of addressing modifiable risk factors. A number...

2nd book about Glory DayTM Brain Booster – My Memory is Awakening

Can you, just for a minute at least, think of memory slippage, memory loss and even dementia as an illness? To do this we need to distinguish between an “illness” and “sickness.” Sickness: A medical malady; the medical diagnosis, including all the physical symptoms that attend the diagnosis. Illness: All our non-physical reactions to the sickness of memory loss. Now, consider the...

How does Glory Day™ Brain Booster work?

Glory Day™ Brain Booster contains 9 powerful ingredients delivering over 5000mg of potent brain supplements per day to address numerous causes of memory loss. Memory loss is caused by multiple damaging processes, as discussed above.  Many of these processes need to be addressed to change the course of the decline.  Each Glory DayTM Brain Booster ingredient has scientific evidence that...

What Causes Memory Loss

Cognitive abilities decline naturally with age even in the healthiest of individuals. Lifespans are increasing around the globe, and the population 65 years and older is projected to triple by 2050. Many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and sleep apnea can increase the risk of severe memory loss and create a detrimental environment in the...

Symptoms of Memory Loss

Some of the early symptoms of mild memory loss include: Difficulty finding words Forgetting names Entering a room and not remembering why you went there Misplacing keys or personal items Forgetting internet passwords or PINS Explaining around a topic because you cannot come up with the word you wanted Starting a sentence and then losing track of what you...

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10 Memory Loss Tests

Memory loss can be frightening and is the thing that is the most feared aspect of aging.  Some memory loss if typical with age, but memory decline is often accelerated or exacerbated by underlying medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, stroke, brain injury, obesity, and depression. Fortunately, a healthy lifestyle and memory supplements like Glory Day...

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A Complete Evidence Based Guide to Naturally Improve Your Memory

Even though genetics plays a role in memory loss, the environment plays an even more significant role. Particular lifestyle modifications can be a crucial preventative measure to stop memory problems. Many people believe that memory loss is hopeless. The scientific literature estimates that over half of all cases of dementia could be prevented. Since brain pathology develops for many decades...

Criteria for Donations

  1. Empower recipientsOrganizations that help recipients help themselves, restoring dignity and not creating dependency. Organizations that provide training and support for long-term transformation of the recipients. In other words, teaching recipients to fish and run a business, not just giving them a fish.
  2. High impactOrganizations that have a record and history of examples of long-term transformation of the recipients and that get at the root of problems in poor communities. Organization that help eliminate systemic poverty.
  3. Help the poorest: Provide substantive impact to the poorest of the poor, those who are hungry, needy or oppressed.
  4. Good stewards of resources: Organizations with reasonable administrative overhead costs, so that the majority of funds donated go to help the recipients, not just run the organization.
  5. Sustainable model (desirable): Organizations that are moving towards greater sustainability where activities are self-financing and do not constantly require inflow of new funding. Organizations with infrastructure that is effective and repeatable.

Examples of organizations that meet Vivolor Therapeutics’ Criteria for Donations:

  1. Opportunity International
    Microfinance non-profit that serves the poorest of the poor offering business loans, training, and education on saving with the goal to “eradicate extreme poverty in our lifetime”.  Every dollar donated continues to work for decades as it gets re-loaned again and again.
  2. Iris Global in Mozambique
    When Iris started in Mozambique, it was officially listed as the poorest country in the world.  Iris offers training, schools, medical clinics, child sponsorship and will soon offer a university for the poor.
  3. Sinapis
    Non-profit that equips entrepreneurs in poor regions (primarily Africa) to impact their community and help alleviate poverty.