Embarrassed by Memory Slips?
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Learn how to keep your cognition sharp now and in the future
Everything in your life depends on your brain functioning well.
There is a window of opportunity. You need to invest in your cognitive health NOW!
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If your cognition isn't as sharp as it used to be – it’s time to find the root cause and learn how to give your brain what it needs!

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Vivolor® Memory Support is a powerful nutraceutical containing many of the nutrients found in vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and healthy fish. It provides 5000mg per day of the most scientifically documented memory support supplements.  Vivolor Memory Support utilizes a proprietary formula and patented method to enhance and optimize the effects of its naturally brain-boosting ingredients.  Take charge of your brain health today with Vivolor Memory Support!

Susan's Story

“Hello, I’m Susan Gibson – founder of Vivolor. I’m familiar with the tragedy of memory loss.  My mother was my best friend.  Early in mom’s memory loss she didn’t recognize me or believe I’m her daughter!!  So, I had to do something. I made it my life’s mission to find solutions to cognitive decline.  I applied my Functional Nutrition certification, 30 years of business experience in healthcare, pharmacy degree, Harvard MBA and my passion for brain health, to found Vivolor® Therapeutics.  Because ReCODE is the most effective method of finding and addressing the root cause of cognitive issues, I became certified in ReCODE and PreCODE techniques.  We intend to help millions of people keep and improve their cognitive health so you don’t go through what my family did!

My 87 year old mother 8 months before entering the Memory Ward.

Scientific Evidence for ReCODE

ReCODE® stands for Reversing COgnitive DEcline and is a program developed by Dr Dale Bredesen, an internationally-recognized expert in neurodegenerative diseases. Dr Bredesen has published studies in over 200 peer reviewed journals regarding his precedent setting work. He also authored The End of Alzheimer's and The First Survivors of Alzheimer's books. Prospective multi-center trials of ReCODE in those with pre-dementia and early stage dementia have had remarkable results.

Dr Dale Bredesen
Dr Dale Bredesen

Will ReCODE work for me?

ReCODE and PreCODE have helped those with:

  • Normal memory
  • At risk for memory issues
  • Concerned about future memory loss
  • Experiencing cognitive issues
  • Suffering dementia or Alzheimer's disease

Are you at risk for dementia ?

The following factors increase the risk of dementia. Anyone over the age of 45 or with any of these risk factors should know their personal accumulated damage and learn how to care for your brain. The more risks you have, the more critical it is to take action.

Start in your 40s
DON’T WAIT until your brain slips

The data are quite clear that the actions you take throughout your life greatly impact your likelihood of getting dementia and degeneration of your brain. Decades before you notice any memory issues, you start losing neurons, getting plaques on your neurons and tangles inside them, and your brain actually shrinks in size!  Don’t wait!

Here is What You Can Do To Keep Your Memory

  • Sign up for ReCODE or PreCODE and select Susan as your practitioner.  Susan is your advocate to understand your personalized report, set goals and move to new healthy habits that will restore your life.  Learn exciting, cutting -edge discoveries in brain health and disease prevention with brain training tools, support groups, and a library of materials to make it fun and easy.  
  • Ask Susan to speak at your event


Memory Loss Plague

With the aging population, memory loss is a tsunami or plague threatening to overtake our society as the number struggling increases drastically. The enemy has gained tremendous ground through robbing minds – and this not only impacts the person with cognitive issues, but everyone around them as well.

95% of Memory Loss is Preventable

Causes of Memory Loss

Many people believe the myth that memory loss is a natural result of aging and there is nothing you can do about it.  Experts who know agree that the great majority of cognitive decline is preventable.  ReCODE has proven this to be true.  Over your life, you accumulate damage from toxins, deficiencies, metabolic issues, infections and much more.  Cognitive issues result when the damaging forces overtake your ability to repair.  Cognitive issues can not only be delayed and prevented, they can be reversed! The root causes need to be identified and healthy habits adopted.  For over a decade, scientific publications have documented the power and importance of lifestyle in preventing and addressing dementia.  National Institutes of Health scientific publications estimated that up to 50% of dementia can be prevented by addressing a handful of risk factors alone.  The LANCET Commission has been publishing these risk factors and the percent of dementia that can be prevented by addressing risk factors for over a decade.  For those who remain skeptical, here are some relevant publications:

The Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention, Intervention, and Care: A Call for Action

Possibilities of Dementia Prevention – It is Never Too Early to Start

Nutrition and Cognitive Impairment

FINGER Study for Prevention of Cognitive Decline

Examples of Cognitive Improvement in Clinical Study

We Forget to Remember​

When we experience a lapse in memory, we often think “I’ll deal with it later”. Then, we forget about it. We try to ignore memory slips. But cognitive decline is a slippery slope – our memory generally declines over time unless we know what to do to change that. Pathology (physical changes in our brain) starts 15-20 years before our first memory slip symptom. Just like our physical health, it isn’t something we can set aside. Don’t slide down the slope. Fortunately, it’s never too late (or too early) to start protecting your memory.

Symptoms of Memory Loss


  • Forget Names
  • Difficulty finding words
  • Misplace items
  • Can’t do some of the things you used to do
  • Miss appointments
  • Lose train of thought
  • Enter a room and forget why you went there
  • Confused following a recipe
  • Lose confidence
  • Feel out of control
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Easily confused or scammed
  • Worry it will get worse
  • Depression and anger
  • Fear of being a burden in the future

Memory loss is totally debilitating and takes an even larger toll on those around you, if that is possible.  There is good reason to fear if you aren’t taking action and moving towards brain health.  When your brain is sharp and quick, your entire body functions better.  All Vivolor Memory Support ingredients have data that they improve cognition, but they also improve heart health, aging, mood, energy and much more!

Feel proud of yourself for taking care of yourself, doing something healthy and investing in your future–you deserve it!
Picture yourself having more energy and motivation, feeling good and being ready to take on the day and the new challenges it presents.

Don’t wait until your memory becomes a crisis. The negative changes in your brain have typically been going on for over 20 years by then!

Have a sense of relief knowing you are identifying your personal risk factors plus learning and practicing the most effective, proven brain health techniques. Imagine what is possible when your brain is functioning well and you can lead the life and have the future you have dreamed about!

References for Memory Loss Risks

Methodology varies greatly across publications and caution should be taken when comparing risk across factors and or publications

See yourself feeling better, having more energy and mental clarity, performing well and imagine what this could do for you or your loved one!​

*Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.